​​Due dates

Online payment of your taxes using IRS Direct Pay and Minnesota e-Services is a secure way to ensure your taxes are paid and received timely, and can be scheduled up to 30 days in advance. 

There is no fee for using these services. If you wish to pay with a credit card, there is an additional fee assessed by a 3rd party. Please see the IRS or MN Revenue payment pages for more information.   

We make every effort to keep these instructions updated, but we have noticed that from time to time, the IRS and Minnesota Revenue may make minor changes to the script we've included below.

IRS Direct Pay website 

Click the MAKE A PAYMENT button to begin 

Select the Reason for Payment from the drop down:

  • Tax return or Notice for balance due on return
  • Estimated Tax for estimated tax payment

Select the Apply Payment To: Select Type: 1040/1040ES (for 1040,1040A, 1040EZ)

Tax Period for Payment: YYYY (Make sure correct year is selected)

Verify Identity: The IRS uses information from a prior tax year to validate your identity.  Use the information reported on a prior year return to enter in your personal information

Once the IRS has confirmed your identity, proceed with scheduling the payment:

  • Payment Amount: $$$$$
  • Due date of this payment: MM/DD/YYYY

Print or save a copy of the confirmation page.  This is the only time the IRS will provide you with this confirmation number.  You will need it in order to look this payment up in the future. 

Minnesota Revenue e-Services website

Select a Payment Option: No, I am not using a letter ID

Complete taxpayer information

  • Type of taxpayer: Individual
  • Type of Tax: Individual Income Tax
  • Taxpayer information:
    • Social Security Number
    • Last Name
    • Enter your spouse's information, if filing jointly
    • Enter a valid email address

Select General Information

  • Type of Payment:  Estimated Tax for estimated tax payment
                                    Return for tax return balance due

  • Filing period of payment: 31-DEC-YYYY (Make sure correct year is selected)

Complete funding of payment:

  • No, payment is not coming from a territorial jurisdiction located outside of the United States
  • No, you do not want to make multiple payments at this time

Enter payment information

  • Payment date: On or before: MM/DD/YYYY
  • Payment Amount: :$$$$$
  • Enter banking information you wish to pay your estimate from

 Print or save a copy of the confirmation page.  

Online Tax Payments

Can't Pay Your Tax Bill in Full?

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Due dates for filing and paying your taxes.

  • Business Returns
    • S Corp Return - March 15th
    • Partnership Return - March 15th
    • LLC taxed as a sole prop - April 15th

  • Individual Returns
    • Federal and state returns are due April 15th, along with any balance due

  • Quarterly Tax Estimates
    • 1st Quarter - April 15th
    • 2nd Quarter - June 15th
    • 3rd Quarter - September 15th
    • 4th Quarter - January 15th

First - relax.  Let's of people find themselves in this situation.  The IRS & State Revenue departments know this, and will work with you to resolve BUT YOU MUST CONTACT THEM.

Second - contact them.  It bears repeating.  If you ignore it, it won't just go away.  Check out the links below.

IRS - If you owe less than $50,000, you are guaranteed to qualify. See the link below to a link to the IRS webpage on this. 

You can also add on to an existing payment plan by contacting the IRS at the phone number provided on the most recent tax bill notice they send.

MN REVENUE also is willing to work with taxpayers to set up a payment plan - once you receive a tax bill from them, you can go here to start the process of requesting a payment plan with them.