When your cpa speaks the same language you do

Labor Day - September 2018.  My daughter is currently lamenting how quickly her summer went, and dreading the impending 7am alarm tomorrow morning, indicating the start of a new school year.  She is learning a particularly valuable life lesson today - spend your life doing things that make you happy, and time will fly faster than you can keep track of where it went.  For the record, she had a pretty amazing summer, traveling overseas for the first time, and building an Instagram account for her dog that makes me think she has a future in brand marketing.

Building a tax and consulting practice from the ground up has surely bee a ton of fun, and I take pride in living A lot has changed in my life since I started my own business, but a defining tenant is the desire to build a life where I am doing what I love. I believe if you live your life this way, it will be obvious in everything you do. 

The construction of my tax and consulting practice has been very intentionally built on the belief that if you  foundation of his foundation, and is mirrored in the relationships I have with my clients. I truly feel this is the most important part of what I do every day. I seek opportunities to share knowledge, while maintaining the understanding that my clients know I am here for them. 

I was lucky to have worked for some of the brightest minds available at Redpath & Co. It was here I learned early on that the profession I had chosen demanded an extremely high bar, and I continue to work every day to meet this expectation. I learned by example from the hard working, insanely smart people around me, and I gathered technical expertise in business and income tax that I would be hard pressed to find anywhere else. I continue to maintain wonderful relationships with my peers from this time in my career. 

During my career with Redpath & Co, I worked in widely various departments over the course of ten years. My entire time with the firm had me in the general accounting function, with time spent in compilation and review, sales tax and payroll tax compliance, payroll research, and management of bookkeeping and accounting staff. Working in the corporate tax department brought me to both accounting consulting with corporate tax clients, as well as corporate income tax. My final five years with Redpath & Co. was spent in the individual income tax department, where I worked closely experienced tax partners who exposed me to the intricate world of high net worth individual income tax returns.

From here, I jumped to my own path to build a business that enabled me achieve a work/life balance that suited my family. I employed the use of cloud technology so I could work from anywhere. I have implemented Skype conferencing, and use of the ever present cell phone that allows me to be responsive to my clients outside of a traditional office environment. I built a lifestyle that enabled me to meet my clients needs as well as those of my family, and I am a better accountant, mother, and human being for it. I am proud to be the head tax geek of a boutique tax and accounting practice that laid down our original roots in the downtown Stillwater community, and has since moved to a new location in The Colonial Office Building located in White Bear Lake, MN. 

Licensed as a Certified Public Accountant in the state of MN, spokesperson for the MNCPA, professional webinar presenter, entrepreneur and small business owner, role model, mom, daughter, sister, snowboard instructor. I wear many hats, and each provides me with valuable experience that helps me relate and support my clients in all areas of their lives.

Elizabeth Bystrom CPA, Ltd. is a small business built on relationships. My technical specialties include small business consulting and individual income tax. Any one of my clients will attest that I love to talk tax. However, it is when my clients thank me,and I hear the genuine gratitude in their voice - that is when I know I have done my job well.

Certified Public Accountant